Everything in the modern-day world has both high and low-end quality available on the market. This is especially true with popular, high-demand products, and CBD oil is no exception.

This seemingly miraculous health supplement is being studied for its effects on a very large range of health problems, both physical and mental. It’s also a beneficial addition to any health regimen. The more science explores and discovers, the more the popularity of CBD oil grows. Unfortunately, the more popular something is the more companies that try to take advantage of it and ride the successful market’s proverbial coattail to make a quick dollar. These companies purchase inferior plant products at a cheaper price, and/or extract CBD oil with a chemical-based process, producing a low quality finished product that is easy to profit from because it is so cheaply made. Some companies simply don’t care about consumers, viewing them as cash cows instead of empathizing with them as human beings. Taking advantage of potential consumers becomes even easier when it comes to the health industry. People that are unwell and desperate for a solution in order to feel better are especially vulnerable and can be far more gullible, making it easier for money-hungry companies to lure them into purchasing a product that should be beneficial, but will ultimately be of little to no help due to its inferior nature.

It can be challenging to choose a company with all of the products a consumer is bombarded with. This is particularly true if you’re at your wits-end with feeling poorly, or companies, doctors, or health care, in general, has really tried your patience. Luckily, there are companies that are fully committed to manufacturing and providing the best possible CBD products, and once you know what to look for and what to keep in mind, finding a reputable provider will be much easier.

Understanding Legal Status

Due to all of the disputes and changes, one of the first things people wonder is if purchasing and using CBD oil and other CBD products is legal. It gets a bit difficult to understand until you know the details. If cannabis is illegal, how can a product that is manufactured from cannabis be legal? The difference lies in the variety of cannabis. The illegal variety is typically in the form of the marijuana plant, in particular, the THC compound found in this type of cannabis. THC is what gives cannabis its psychoactive properties, producing the “high” many people are familiar with. Within the cannabis plant, however, there is also CBD. This compound does not contain any such properties.

CBD is found in both marijuana plants, and another variety of cannabis: hemp. Hemp plants, while being in the cannabis family, don’t contain THC the way that marijuana does. Hemp and hemp-based products are legal to buy and use, so this is the variety of cannabis that CBD-hemp oils are derived from. CBD oils or products that are made from the marijuana variety of cannabis, frequently referred to as “full-spectrum” and containing more than trace amounts of THC are not legal in many areas, whereas products that are made from CBD that is extracted from hemp are completely legal to use. Make sure that you know which variety you are looking for, and confirm which variety you are intending to buy CBD oil in the US.

Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

One manner in which some companies take advantage of uninformed individuals is claiming the same or similar health benefits from hemp oil, convincing people that hemp and CBD oils are the same. While it’s true that both oils may be helpful additions to any lifestyle, they are, in fact, quite different from each other, with different potential benefits and applications. Each oil is obtained from a different part of the hemp plant, and as such, each has a unique set of properties all its own.

To extract hemp oil, only the seeds from the plants are used. In making CBD oil, the process extracts the oil solely from the stems, flowers, and leaves. The application of hemp oil and hemp-based products is more practical than the medicinal uses CBD is more commonly associated with. Most of the benefits of hemp oil are thought to be external and nutritional, and this CBD wholesale guide will help you nourish your shoppers with cannabinoids. A common use of hemp oil is located in the kitchen. Like many other oils, hemp oil can be used just about any place that requires the use of some variety of fat. Unlike hydrogenated vegetable oils or animal-based fats, hemp oil contains a rich nutritional profile, including healthy fats like omega-three fatty acids. Sauteing, baking, and food preparation like marinades and dressings are just a few ways that you can use hemp oil in the kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, you may also find hemp oil in the bathrooms of many people. Hemp-based products are widely used in beauty care. Many are claiming that it is a great full-body moisturizer, an effective makeup remover, and a great hair conditioner.

While hemp oil takes effect primarily on the outside, CBD oil is typically thought to work its magic from the inside. This is thought to be because CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with our body’s natural endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for a variety of physiological functions, including maintaining equilibrium. Our endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids in the body, so the addition of CBD is thought to increase this production, as well as add to the system’s efficacy and capability. Hemp oil is not cannabinoid-based, so it does not have this effect. There are many clinical trials that study the internal health effects of CBD, ranging from physical ailments like epilepsy and chronic pain to mental health issues like depression and different varieties of anxiety. Many of these show promising results, which provides some scientific validity to the many health claims made by users of CBD all over the world.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Even among high-quality CBD oils, there is still a difference between a CBD oil and a full-spectrum CBD oil. A “standard” CBD oil is the variety sourced from the hemp plant, containing only the CBD compound. A full-spectrum CBD oil, however, is obtained from a cannabis plant containing all of the cannabinoids, including THC, and beneficial terpenes, which makes this variety illegal in most places. That said, a full-spectrum CBD oil is thought to be the most beneficial, as it contains a full range of over 100 different compounds found naturally in the plant; this is similar to the fact that eating an orange is better for you in most cases than simply taking a vitamin C supplement, because the orange contains more nutrition. With this type of CBD oil being illegal in many areas, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom, this prompts many that wish to try CBD oil to purchase it online; still, much difficulty ensues with that process.

CBD can be consumed as CBD buds, CBD oil, CBD capsules or CBD gummies.

Natural and Organic

In some places, CBD oil and CBD-based products are classified as a health supplement, and not specifically a medicinal product. As a result, the production and product quality is not monitored, and sometimes not even required. From where the plant is grown, how it’s grown, and the method used to extract the CBD oil, there are several things that can affect the final CBD product, especially in regards to the quality.

When selecting a CBD oil, it’s important to pay attention to the variety of cannabis and where it is sourced, as well as the method of cultivation, and quality control procedures. High-quality CBD oil is made from cannabis plants that are cultivated to be high in CBD. Look for a provider that has a cultivator that grows multiple varieties, or that uses multiple cultivators to provide different varieties. Utilizing multiple strains of hemp will help produce a more potent CBD oil. You should also request what is called an HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) test result as proof of the amount of CBD present in the oil (this will also apply to a product that was made from the oil).

Another indicator of a good high-quality CBD oil to look for is one sourced from organic and non-genetically modified cannabis plants. Some cultivators use chemicals to eliminate damage from pests or improve the growing process of the plant. These chemicals can not only affect the plant itself in its raw, unprocessed state but also affect the CBD oil (or other oils, like hemp) that is later extracted. These chemicals, like pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, are not safe for human application, and exposure to such chemicals during growth or product manufacturing can result in a lesser quality CBD oil. Look for a company that uses organic and non-GMO plants, with a clean extraction process for producing the oil.

Company Regulation Standards and Policies

As previously mentioned, some places do not have required legal safety regulations for things classified as a dietary or health supplement, but this doesn’t mean all CBD oils are sub-par. A company that produces high-quality CBD oil will have its own regulations and safety guidelines in place to produce the best possible product. This can include testing to regulate the different concentrations of CBD oil in each product for consistent optimal dosage, as well as testing for any potentially harmful contaminants like naturally occurring mildew, mould, E. coli, fungus, salmonella, or heavy metals.

Another aspect to consider aside from production regulation is the company’s purchasing policies and price. While these things aren’t always definitively indicative of a product’s quality, they can sometimes be good indicators, as can customer service. Check the details on return policies; companies that have a high-quality product don’t have as many returns, so they often offer some form of product guarantee, return, or refund policy. Their customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and they will do anything within reason to ensure that their patrons are happy with their purchase. This ties in with a company’s customer service, as a good company will offer excellent assistance to their existing and potential clients. Good communication and willingness to answer inquiries is vital; transparency when it comes to their product and how it is manufactured is also very desirable. When it comes to price, a ridiculously low-priced product isn’t very likely to be the best quality, but this doesn’t mean that a high price is a great quality either. It’s true that CBD oils are not “cheap” because of the materials, extraction process, and amount of plant material required. In the case of a higher price point, you still need to consider all of the different aspects of the product, especially the percentage of CBD. Some companies may pin a high price tag to a decently produced product, but one that has a low percentage of CBD Concentrate. This may be an attempt to increase their profit margins and is overall deceptive.

Product Packaging

Touching again further on some things already briefly mentioned, product packaging can be a profound indication of a good quality product. Quality packaging will include a clearly printed label that lists the recommended dosage, the percentage of CBD per dose, whether it’s organic and non-GMO, and other pertinent product information. The packaging should also be substantial in providing product protection; securing the product within its package is important, and dark coloured containers are commonly used to block out potentially harmful light that may degrade the product over time.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re turning to purchase CBD oil online, you should be aware of what to look for in a quality product and company, as well as common risks and pitfalls, so that you may take proper safety precautions. Ensuring that the product is made of high-quality materials in a safe manner by a company that is experienced will help weed out inferior or unsafe products, as well as reduce the odds that you’re being scammed. You probably already know that internet scams are very common, but it’s becoming more difficult to differentiate scams from legitimate companies. The CBD industry is extra vulnerable to scams, because of the nature of the product; it’s unwise to file legal claims against a company when the purchasing of the product is illegal to start with. Once your money is gone, it becomes easier for fraudulent companies to keep it, without any legal consequence. Check this article out on hash oil.

Many fraudulent companies use social media for advertising and attempting to lure in the uninformed. Free web-based emails are also frequently employed to people looking to scam and take advantage of the booming CBD industry. To lessen the chance of this happening to you in your quest for CBD, you should avoid social media-based sources, thoroughly investigate the company and product, and ask for proof of specific product information like the CBD percentage. When you are satisfied that you are dealing with a legitimate provider, you can proceed to discuss the costs, but be sure to never pay by sending cash in advance via the post. In fact, it is best to use a company that doesn’t ask for the payment upfront in advance at all but rather operates on a pay-on-delivery business model. A lot of scams are pulled off by asking for money prior to your receipt of the product, which will then never be sent to you. Once again, you should be aware that full-spectrum CBD oil is still illegal in most places, so any efforts you might make to recover any monetary loss from fraud will be in vain.

If at any point you are uncertain about anything, whether it is the product, the purchasing policies, the payment and payment process, or otherwise, never hesitate to ask questions. Truly high-quality providers do more than just manufacture products, they should also be willing and able to answer any questions you may have. The best providers will be able to tell you just about anything and everything in regards to their CBD oil. Basic questions to keep in mind are: where were the plants used for production obtained? Where were the plants cultivated? What process is used for extracting the CBD? What level of CBD is in the final product? What type of CBD product is available; capsules, tinctures, edible-type supplements, syrups, topical creams/ointments? In addition to answering these questions, most companies will also be happy to point you in the direction of any other requested information, like suggested dosage for the various desired results, potential benefits of CBD use, clinical results of medical studies, and other such info.

It’s a bit of a long path when embarking on alternative treatment with CBD oil. Not only is it important to find a legitimate provider and a high-quality product, but it’s also equally important to discover what best works for you. Carefully consider what you’re hoping to achieve, the suggested effective corresponding dose, and the method of use you most prefer. CBD oil capsules typically have the highest available dose, vaping has the fastest uptake into the body, while topical CBD oils provide isolated treatment to a specific area, and edible products like gummy candy are among the most discrete; each variety has its own unique benefits to offer, just as you have your own unique needs and purpose for seeking out a CBD oil supplement. You should be comfortable with the route of use, the manner in which it’s used, and satisfied with the product you purchase. When all is said and done, though it can certainly be quite the journal to finding the right product and provider, you may very well find that the road to CBD is well worth the travel.

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