Hemp can save the world from hunger. As one of the healthiest plants available, it can be grown on a commercial scale. It has several health benefits and the plant is naturally resistant to pests. There are so many delicious recipes that use hemp. You can find drinks, salads, spreads or many wonderful dishes you can use for a meal. Dishes can be completely plant-based or gluten-free for that extra infusion of nutrition.

The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook

The Hemp Cookbook has the best full-page photographs and looks of any of the hemp cookbooks published today. This sharp, colorful, hardbound cookbook covers the development of The Galaxy Global Eatery, one of only a few hemp diners in the country, the wonders of hemp seed oil nutrition with a detailed analysis of hemp oil and hemp seeds food content and why it is important. Then this shiny professional book shows how to make the staples: hemp milk, hemp nut butter, hemp cheese, whipped cream, ice cream, and vegetable stock. Hemp information pops up throughout the pages of recipes and pictures of the meals, including the popular hemp postcards history by hemp trivia.

There are over 250 pages of recipes from breakfast dishes, to drinks, to bowls and greens, to dressings and sauces, to appetizers, to Quasars, Pasta, to Fish, Meat, & Poultry, to Bread and crackers and desserts. It is so generous of Cicero to share these no doubt valuable dishes. Proceeds of this book are donated to a worthy activist: Julia Butterfly. If you ever wanted to start incorporating hemp into your diet this book is a great start. No matter what kind of food you enjoy, no doubt you will find several recipes using hemp to whet your appetite and fill your belle. Cicero’s book also has a great directory of hemp businesses.

Cicero, Denis (With Chefs Kris Czartoryski, Suzanne Gruber, and Michael Lipp. “The Galaxy Global Eatery Hemp Cookbook.” Frog, Ltd. Berkeley, CA. 2002 (312 pp) (reviewed by Briggs) Distributed by North Atlantic Books

The Hemp Cookbook From Seed To Shining Seed

Todd is the first author I’ve read who truly stresses and articulates expertly the importance of not only eating hemp but eating fresh hemp and how to prepare all the basics; butter, milk, flour from a ‘sterilized’ hemp seed, a microcosm of the entire hemp fight.

Not only do we need to change the way we live as individuals and get all the bad shit we eat out of our diets, but we also need to change our communities and have more control of what is being produced and sold to us consumers.

The graphic information in this book about the nutritional superiority of hemp seed products is the best and fullest I’ve come across. The cookbook section of Dalotto’s work is as good as any. Not only does he include hemp, but he matches the meals with the right combination of green veggies and fruits containing the perfect enzyme combinations to break down EFAs more efficiently.

It’s also a wonderful hemp food directory, with passion on every page. This book shows how to carefully prepare fresh hemp food products (milk, butter) and how to use them in fresh flavorful recipes that the author has been preparing for years. A perfect match for any cook who wants to make good health hempen.

2000; Dalotto, Todd; Healing Arts Press, Rochester VT (reviewed by Briggs)

Author: hempfrontiers