It is essential to understand that there is no “best way” how to use CBD oil, and no “best dose” to be used for any specific purpose. Each person is an individual with unique characteristics and requirements.

Some people may discover they need relatively high doses of cannabidiol to experience the desired benefits and can tolerate the high doses without side effects. Others may find they only need small amounts to achieve their goals, and that large doses may cause unwanted effects.

The “best” way to use CBD oil is the way that suits you, and the “best” dosage is the one that works!

The amount of CBD oil to use can also vary depending on the objective. All formulations and types of cannabidiol can be used as long as there is sufficient cannabinoid content. However, there are some critical differences between the different CBD oil products out there that you should keep in mind before beginning your CBD journey.

Some of the reasons why people use CBD:

  • Hoping to lower anxiety and depression levels.
  • Wishing to regulate metabolic issues.
  • Wanting to improve workout efficiency in the gym.
  • Hoping to reduce inflammation or arthritis.
  • A desire to relax.
  • As a nutritional supplement.
  • To boost the level of cannabinoids in their endocannabinoid system.

And a multitude of other reasons too numerous to list!

Your health is the primary concern, so it’s essential to consult with your primary physician about your current health state before you use CBD for the first time, as they will be able to guide you to ensure your natural supplement experience is a good one. It is especially important to speak with your GP if you are currently taking any medication. Cannabidiol is known to interact with a small number of prescription drugs, so it’s important to be extra safe.

CBD can be purchased in a variety of formulations including capsules, tinctures (which you can use to prepare edibles) and even lotions. Of course, make sure you are dealing with a reputable producer and that you check all of the ingredients on the label. It is desirable to be able to view the product laboratory analysis certificate if available as this will state the percentages of cannabinoids and also enable you to ensure that the THC content is legal in your country or state. Also, choosing CBD products made from organic hemp should guarantee the absence of pesticides, chemicals, and residues.

Here are the most common methods of using CBD oil:

  • Tinctures
  • Vapes
  • Topicals
  • Concentrates
  • Capsules
  • Sprays

Before purchasing any of these products, it’s crucial that you do your own research on reputable websites or by reading official clinical publications.

How To Use Hemp CBD Oil Extracts

You can use pure raw hemp oil (which is closest to nature), but a few people find the taste can be a slightly pungent and robust, like the flavour of cannabis, which can discourage some people. The flavour can be softened by taking it with orange or apple juice. Some people prefer to use CBD oil products with added ingredients such as coconut oil, terpenes, green mint and other natural herbs and essential oils. As a result of combining additional components, the natural flavour of hemp is altered.

Experts consider that the most beneficial way to administer pure hemp oil concentrates is by sublingual intake, either with a dropper or a spray, to achieve a faster and more regular absorption of the active ingredient. The benefit of consuming it sublingually (under the tongue) is that it results in its speedier absorption and a higher percentage of the cannabinoids being absorbed into the circulatory system. The large capillary vessels in the mouth (especially under the tongue) have a fantastic absorption capability, which is why you can get the effect of your CBD oil dose in just 15 – 30 minutes. This method of use is second only to inhalation for speed and bioavailability. If you prefer ingestion over inhaling the vapour, this method will ensure that your CBD oil will quickly and efficiently enter your system. We firmly believe that pure Hemp oil concentrates are the best way to add cannabinoids to your daily regimen.

Hemp CBD oil extract is usually sold in glass bottles which come complete with a dropper, although some suppliers also offer it in larger bottles with spray caps to facilitate easier dispensing.
You can also make your own CBD oil, but it is a slightly tricky process which can also be dangerous!

***Do not attempt this without further research***
***Alcohol and alcohol fumes are highly flammable, as is hot oil***

To make CBD oil at home, you must soak some CBD rich hemp buds rich in pure alcohol for a few days. This is known as “extraction”. The extract is then filtered by passing the mixture through a coffee filter or nylon sock. At this point, the liquid is a green solution. Then, you must heat the mixture to 34 ° C for the alcohol to evaporate slowly (By placing on a pre-heated pan of water. Do not heat directly on a stove!) The final result is a pure hemp oil with fantastic quality.

CBD Oil Capsules

Those who dislike the taste of CBD oil can choose to consume it in the form of capsules. There are many brands and strengths available, so purchasing CBD capsules is relatively easy. One of the benefits of using capsules is that makes it much easier to calculate dosage, each tablet can contain 10-50 mg of pure CBD according to the specific brand or producer. There are three downsides to using capsules:

  1. Over 90% of cannabidiol is destroyed by the human digestive system.
  2. The onset of effects is slow, 45 – 90 minutes is usual.
  3. Most capsules are produced using CBD isolate which means you are only benefitting from one cannabinoid; CBD. Compare this to the over 100 cannabinoids, over 200 terpenes and a multitude of flavonoids present in full-spectrum CBD oil!

CBD capsules do have some benefits though, you can conveniently take your dose of CBD anywhere, and they are easy to use, anytime, after every meal or before you go to sleep. Capsules are tasteless, easy to swallow, and most importantly, easy to carry, which makes them the ideal companion if you are travelling. The CBD market has grown so fast that you can now find vegan and gluten-free capsules for those with strict diets.

Among the other types of CBD products, edibles are gaining a lot of popularity as they offer a tasty way to take CBD. However, the main problem with these products is that it is difficult to guarantee the consistency of CBD absorption compared to sublingual oil use. CBD edibles are also usually manufactured with isolate rather than full spectrum cannabidiol.

Cbd Vape Oil

Another way to get your daily CBD dose is by vaping. Vaping CBD is both quick and effective. When vaped, the cannabidiol enters directly into the bloodstream through the lungs. Note that not all vaporisers are suitable for the vaporisation of oils, so if you want to try CBD e-liquids, you must first check if your vaporiser is suitable for slightly thicker vape oils (larger openings in the coil).

For instance, if you buy vape oil, you will need to fill a suitable vaporiser with the oil, but you can also purchase a vaporiser kit which includes a disposable vape cartridge that is screwed into the vaporiser. The all in one vape pens are convenient, but usually very expensive. You may find yourself paying a 1000% premium for the convenience of ready filled CBD cartridges!

If you purchase a reusable vape pen, be aware that the coil should be replaced from time to time. You will know its time when your vape oil begins to taste slightly burnt. Also, it’s important to remember to let your coil soak up the vape oil for a few minutes before use. Failing to do so will result in your lungs becoming full of burnt cotton wool, which is a very unpleasant experience!

The advantage of vaporisation is that the effect is almost immediately felt, so it is easy to determine the correct dosage needed.

Oral ingestion decreases the bioavailability of the active component (CBD) by over 90% as the digestive system and the liver absorb and break down most of the CBD before it has the opportunity to be effective. But when CBD is vaporised, it does not have to go through the liver because it enters your circulatory system through the lungs, and its bioavailability increases up to 60%. According to recent studies, CBD absorption is four times more when it is vaporised than through oral ingestion and vaping reduces the time to onset of action to just a few minutes.

The downside of vaping cannabidiol is that almost all CBD vape oils are produced using isolate. Therefore you lose the benefits of the other compounds usually present in full spectrum hemp extracts.

CBD Tea Infusion

CBD infused drinks are ideal for a hot, tasty, nutritious, relaxing drink. There is a wide range of flavours and essences that combine together the relaxing qualities of CBD with the health benefits of hemp.

To make hemp tea:

  1. Heat some water in a pan until it boils.
  2. Then add some whole (full fat) milk to provide the fats needed to dissolve the hemp cannabinoids.
  3. Place the tea bag containing hemp (or a re-usable herb infusion bag containing hemp) in the hot liquid for at least 5 minutes.
  4. When the tea is ready, remove the hemp and keep in a dry place, you can use it later for baking if you wish.

It is essential to use only whole milk(or hemp/coconut/almond) that is rich in fats, and not semi or skimmed because these products do not contain the fat that we need need to dissolve the cannabidiol. Coconut oil or butter can also provide the necessary fat required by the CBD to dissolve, and these fats will also add an exciting flavour to your hemp brew. You can use sugar or honey to sweeten it. You can even drink without adding a sweetener as the flavour of the hemp extract gives a pleasant taste.

CBD Oil Topicals

Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body, as it covers and protects all your internal organs. For centuries, people have used topical hemp oil solutions on inflamed or aged skins. Fast forward to today, and CBD has been found to help moisturise the skin and bring relief for a significant number of skin conditions. When using CBD topicals, the lotion, cream, or ointment should be applied in small amounts and with an even layer on the skin. Also, it is recommended to rub it into the area where it is needed with circular and mild movements to increase absorption. For good results, be sure to apply 2 or 3 times a day.

CBD topicals are being used by people who are suffering from chronic pain, inflammation, acne, psoriasis, cancer treatment side effects, ageing symptoms( to help prevent staining and wrinkles that appear with age), and many more skin conditions.

Before purchasing topical CBD products, always look for information on the product label that indicates that the product contains a reasonable amount of cannabidiol. In the case of lotions, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is best. Some manufacturers use micellization, encapsulation or CBD nanotechnology in the production of lotions. These allow CBD to penetrate through the upper dermal layers easier, but most users prefer the idea of using topicals made with natural full-spectrum extract.

CBD Oil Sprays

The average spray from a CBD aerosol varies from around 1-3 mg. Using CBD sprays is very simple, but it can be slightly challenging to get an accurate dose as it is difficult to measure the exact amount of oil that is dispensed. Aerosols tend to be the most inconsistent method of taking CBD. The estimated mg of cannabidiol per dose should be listed on the label.

Use a few sprays daily or as needed.

Other CBD products that are worth considering:

  • Other edibles
  • Cannabidiol paste syringe
  • CBD Patches
  • CBD Gummies

There is no correct answer when deciding which CBD product to use. As mentioned above, all of them have benefits. What is recommended is to do proper research before making a purchase. Consider your goal, your budget, your daily activities, and the type of product you would feel most comfortable using on a regular basis. If you still have doubts, you can test each method verifying which is more effective and best suited to you.

CBD Oil Dosage

It is difficult to recommend a specific CBD starting dose. Most physicians recommend users to start slowly, with a capsule or a few drops of oil and then wait to see what effect it has. If necessary, you can gradually increase your intake and determine which dosage produces the effect you want. It is also recommended to read the product directions carefully. Specific dosages of CBD can be considered “low” or “high” according to each persons tolerance or their body mass, so we advise to consult a specialist if in any doubt, especially before administering to children, the old, or ill.

In addition to body mass, there is another factor that directly influences the effects of cannabidiol and should be taken into account; the level of body fat. Dr Jordan Tishler, Harvard physician and president of the Association of Specialists in Cannabis offers the following advice: Cannabinoids are attracted by fat; therefore an obese patient can experience low absorption rates into the bloodstream. “All those cannabinoids are lipophilic,” says the doctor “can be easily absorbed into our fat reserves and therefore not give such a quick effect “. If you have a higher percentage of body fat, this could lead to less absorption, and vice versa. However, these observations are not based on human CBD research and need to be analysed further.

If I Take Other Medications, Can I Also Consume CBD Oil?

In 2011, a review of 132 scientific studies found that the CBD has very few side effects and does not significantly affect the most critical functions of the body (such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, motor and psychological functions, and gastrointestinal transit).

The most significant side effects of CBD were related to the metabolism of certain drugs in the liver, a possible worsening of the symptoms of HIV and a potential impact on fertility levels. Also, CBD may affect the liver’s ability to process some medications.

The study discovered that CBD is a “potent inhibitor” of cytochrome P450; A group of enzymes involved in the metabolism of several medicines. The CBD inactivates certain forms of this enzyme, which reduces the metabolic capacity of the liver. This is a very similar effect to grapefruit. Therefore, it is crucial that you talk to your doctor about consuming CBD if you are currently taking prescription drugs.

When taking extremely high doses, some people may experience stomach upset, but this is not a problem with regular or low doses. An overdose is very unlikely unless you are able to drink a litre of oil (and in such quantities, even olive oil is dangerous).

CBD as a Global and Sustainable Health Model

As technology advances, the ageing population is putting more pressure on health systems. Every day more young entrepreneurs are working harder to keep older generations, so we need solutions to lessen the burden on health budgets worldwide. CBD research has indicated that cannabidiol has the potential to provide incredible health benefits. It is widely available and has virtually no significant side effects. CBD is a compound extracted from a renewable source that can be cultivated using few chemicals (and even in poor soils), it should definitely be considered to form part of new sustainable health models. On an individual basis, this means merely incorporating CBD into your daily supplement regime.

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