Considered as a safe method for inhaling cannabis, dabbing has become a popular method for users over the years. This uses convection heating, where cannabis concentrates are cooked on a protective surface instead of being directly heated. The hot air flowing into the chamber extracts the active compounds from the plant material, producing cleaner and more potent vapors. There is no rapid heating required so there is no risk of combustion.

The best way to enjoy dabbing is by using a dab rig. This is a specific smoking pipe used to smoke concentrates. A dab rig works by filtering concentrate vapor through the water at the base. Though a bit expensive, this apparatus has been in demand among users for the past couple of years. There are many options currently available in the market. We have prepared a list of the best devices you may want to consider in choosing the best dab rig for you.


How to Use a Dab Rig

Basically, a dab rig includes a nail, a glass vapor slide, joints, and a recycler. The nail is the heating element attached to the rig and can be made of glass, quartz, ceramic or titanium. The vapor dome, which fits over the nail, allows you to inhale the concentrated vapor without wasting any. Meanwhile, the standard 90-degree joints help prevent the vapor taste from being diluted. The recycler makes sure that the filtration cycle is continuous.

Using a dab rig may not come easy for many. For beginners, it is important to follow these steps. First, fill the rig base with water. Then, heat up the nail using a torch. If you are using a quartz nail, make sure that it is glowing red. Afterward, let the nail cool down for about 30 to 60 seconds. The ideal temperature should be between 300°F to 450°F. Finally, place the dab on the nail surface and slowly inhale the vapor.

Main Considerations in Buying a Dab Rig

To find the best portable dab rig, you must consider several factors. It may not be the fanciest or most pricey. Your chosen rig must satisfy your specific needs as a vaper. Quality must be a prime consideration. The best dab rig should produce high-quality vapor and enhance the flavor of the cannabis. As with any electronic device, it is ideal that it has a long-lasting battery life, whether rechargeable or not.

Though your dab rig is small and portable, it must be made using high-quality materials. The device should withstand constant use and the usual wear and tear. Ease of use is also a major consideration. It is best to choose a low-maintenance unit. Last but not the least, you must consider the pricing. Pick the best dab rig for the money. Check this site for a wide selection of dab rigs:

4 Best Portable Dab Rigs for 2020

In choosing the best portable dab rig, this review considered performance, functionality, and quality, as well as price points. All the rigs have received excellent marks from users. Whether you are a beginner or not in dabbing, these units will not disappoint. The following list contains the best dab rig brands for 2020.

The Dr. Dabber Switch

Used with either dry herb, wax or concentrate, this versatile unit delivers high quality and large clouds of vapor every time. It has a wide variety of temperature settings that allow users to pick their ideal range. The Dr. Dabber Switch boasts of long battery life, producing up to 150 hits before it has to be recharged. Charging takes about two hours. The four control buttons allow for easy use. Though the unit is a bit larger than the others in the list, it is sturdy and efficient enough for outside use. The Dr. Dabber Switch is not cheap, but it is worth your money.

The Dr. Dabber Boost

This unit is one of the most popular rigs in the market. Reasonably priced and beautifully designed, the Dr. Dabber Boost produces tasty, high-quality vapors that satisfy even the pickiest of users. You can choose from three types of nails – quartz, ceramic or titanium – depending on your preference. It has preset temperatures, which are perfect for beginners. The battery can last up to 60 hits. Charging is easy with its micro-USB feature. The unit is also low-maintenance. Price is fair based on its overall performance.

The HeadBanger

This is a dual-function vaporizer made by Airis Tech. Users can enjoy both wax or oil concentrate without any trouble. The HeadBanger features both Dip and Dab atomizer, plus a nectar collector atomizer that you can attach at the base of the unit. When you inhale, the mouthpiece cools and purifies the vapor, giving you the best vaping experience. The unit is made of sturdy aluminum that will not easily get damaged while in transit. Out of the four, this is the best cheap dab rig.

The Puffco Peak

This dab rig boasts of a high-quality filtration system, easily cooling the vapor without affecting the flavor. Users like the big, tasty clouds it produces. Heat-up time is fast at 20 seconds. The Puffco Peak’s SmartWare automatically adjusts the bowl temperature. The battery lasts up to 30 hits. A full charge is accomplished after two hours. The unit is a bit bigger than the regular small-sized dab rigs but still portable.


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