Understanding CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is a natural compound of the cannabis plant. CBD oil is claimed by many to have numerous benefits including decreasing inflammation, suppressing seizures and relieving pain and anxiety. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which can also contain trace amounts of THC. Due to the extremely low THC content, there are no undesired effects such as impaired thinking or paranoia. There are four popular ways to use CBD oil, inhalation, topical application, ingestion and sublingual consumption.

CBD has increased in popularity for many reasons including media attention, a lot of new evidence for medical benefits, and the results of numerous studies. As consumers begin to realize that CBD oil may offer a wide range of health benefits, the demand is increasing. Information on CBD has become highly accessible, and with THC effects no longer being an issue, the popularity is increasing exponentially. The passing of the Farm Bill in the United States in 2018 was also a major factor for the availability and popularity of CBD. The new law made industrial hemp legal at the state level resulting in many farmers rushing to grow the profitable crop.

Individuals using CBD oil are usually well informed regarding the health benefits and potential side effects, they are experimenting with various formulations of CBD, and one of the most effective forms of CBD is CBD oil. Numerous individuals are now using CBD to address a variety of health conditions.

Important Considerations for CBD Oil

To enjoy maximum health benefits, broad or full-spectrum CDB oil is generally preferable. Full-spectrum oils contain multiple cannabinoids found in the cannabis(hemp) plant including THC and CBD. Broad-spectrum oils have most of the cannabinoids, but little to no THC. Some research indicates CBD and THC may work better when used together due to the entourage effect. Full-spectrum oil extraction methods also ensure that many of the organic compounds in the plant are preserved including terpenes. Not only do terpenes offer medical benefits, but they also affect the smell and flavour of the oil.

Since the FDA does not currently regulate CBD oil, third-party lab testing is important. The testing shows exactly what is contained in the product to make certain the packaging is not misrepresenting the CBD oil. This enables the individual to be positive regarding what they are using.

Some of the best CBD oil available is manufactured using organic cannabis(hemp) grown in the United States. This type of product must adhere to agricultural regulations including a maximum limit of 0.3 per cent THC. Organic ingredients are considered safer because they do not contain any chemicals or pesticides.

Inhalation Method

When the inhalation method is used, CBD enters the bloodstream directly from the lungs. The most effective method is inhalation because as much as 56 per cent of the CBD is absorbed. The three basic inhalation methods are vaping, inhalers and smoking. The most frequently used inhalation method is vaping because it is more convenient and safer as opposed to smoking. CBD vaping requires a cartridge and a vaporizer. The cartridge contains the CBD vape oil.

Vape cartridges that contain thinning carriers and agents including fractionated coconut oil, vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are not recommended. Research has shown these compounds when heated, may result in damage to the lung tissue, so pure CBD distillate is preferred.

A variety of smoking products inc pipes and vaporizers have been created for smoking CBD flower. They are ideal for individuals without vaping equipment or those who do not enjoy smoking spliffs. Vaping distillate is safer than this type of inhalation because vaping does not expose the person to potential carcinogens.

For individuals with respiratory conditions such as asthma, CBD inhalers are an appropriate option because the user is not subjected to unknown ingredients, and can effectively control their dosage. Inhaling CBD requires about ten minutes to take effect. The result can be fast relief for numerous ailments including pain and anxiety. It is important to purchase all CBD oil from a reputable provider.

Topical Method

Topical CBD products are for use directly on the skin. The available products include creams, lotions, transdermal patches, salves and balms. As opposed to going right to the bloodstream, these products target certain areas. Topicals are used for the treatment of skin conditions including localized pain and eczema and are also used for general inflammation and arthritis. CBD can reduce the inflammatory response of sore muscles to relieve inflammation and pain, although it is unclear what percentage of cannabidiol actually penetrates through the upper skin layers.

The topical method is not the best approach for the treatment of anxiety or headaches. It may be effective for localized ailments. Topical applications have a much lower risk of negative side effects than any of the other methods including inhalation.

Edible Ingestion

Edibles are an effective and discreet method for consuming CBD. There is a wide range of CBD edibles currently available including infused oils for cooking, infused canna-butter and gummies. A maximum of two hours is required for the CBD to travel from the digestive tract to the bloodstream. Inhalation offers much quicker relief. There are still a lot of benefits associated with consuming CBD edibles.

In comparison to the inhalation method, the relief from edibles lasts a maximum of four hours. Preparing edibles is easy, they are available in pre-dosed servings, and enable the individual to control their consumption of CBD.

Sublingual Method

Sublingual CBD products are available in oils, sprays, lozenges and tinctures. The product is placed beneath the tongue to enable direct absorption to the bloodstream. The sublingual and inhalation methods are excellent for optimal absorption and quick relief. Another advantage of sublingual CBD is there is usually no sugar or preservatives in the products.

This method is excellent for anxiety, pain and sleep issues. Sublingual CBD products are also used to help with withdrawal symptoms resulting from nicotine, alcohol and opioid addictions.

The Best Way to Use CBD Oil

The best method is entirely dependent on the needs of the individual. Certain methods are better for specific health issues, while others offer convenience and discretion. CBD can easily be consumed without drawing unwanted attention.

Is CBD Safe?

According to research and studies, CBD seems to be safe for public consumption with no addictive impact. As opposed to THC, the risks of using CBD are extremely low. There has never been a documented case of anyone overdosing on CBD, and although side effects are possible, they are generally both rare and mild. The severity is dependent on the consumption method and CBD dosage.

Any side effects experienced generally disappear in a maximum of four hours. The most common CBD side effects include changes in appetite, dry mouth, diarrhoea and nausea.


Author: hempfrontiers