About Us

Hemp Frontiers is on a mission to promote the benefits of hemp.

Our vision is the worldwide renaissance of the long-neglected hemp plant and the hemp industry:

Imagine for one moment waking up in your low energy, environmentally friendly, hempcrete house. You get yourself dressed in hemp clothes, brush your teeth with your hemp plastic toothbrush, then sit down to eat your hemp heart breakfast (with hemp milk and hemp bread toast at the side of course!). You take your hemp CBD extracts to boost your endocannabinoid system, then it’s off to work in your hemp plastic car.

Lunch is a delicious salad with a hemp leaf and hemp hearts, drizzled with a high omega hemp oil dressing. Pop to the toilet and use hemp paper toilet roll, pull up your hemp underwear, wash your hands with hemp oil soap. You are warm at work because your building is heated by hemp biomass (hemp waste) which is what’s left when all of the other hemp compounds have been extracted.

Sounds a bit over the top, we know, but the thing is, all of the raw materials required to make a day like that reality, really can grow in a field in 12 weeks, without fertilizer or pesticide.

And most of the countries around the world made that plant illegal?

Join the revolution.