The way different countries see marijuana and how they handle the legality is still very much varied. Even though there’s been an ongoing trend of a positive attitude toward the legalization of weed for all purposes, there are still parts of the world which consider it illegal.

Some countries’ laws wouldn’t punish you severely for small possession, and yet there are some countries which want to ban the weed completely and put it in the same category as some hard drugs.

The world map of legal weed we found at People’s OC came in handy for this topic as we will go through a list of countries where you can enjoy the privilege of having legal marijuana.

North America

Canada has legalized marijuana in 2018. For both medical   and recreational use (of which you require a cannabis licence for). It can even be ordered online or purchased traditionally in stores controlled by the government or private business.

Cannabis is considered illegal under federal law in the US. There are 10 states which have legalized marijuana for recreational use and 33 states for medical use as of 2019. California, as the most progressive, has legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use in 2016.

South America

Uruguay is probably the best country in the world for weed smoking enthusiasts. It is every cannabis lover’s dream because it is absolutely legal for purchase and consumption if you are over 18. Uruguay is a fine example the rest of the world should follow and if you are looking for some high vacay, look no further.

Chile hasn’t crossed the finish line like Uruguay but they are pretty close. It is legal to cultivate cannabis for personal use in Chile and it is can be purchased legally via prescription.

I can say that South American countries are a good example of how marijuana should be treated legally. Colombia’s laws are also pretty loose regarding possession as it is allowed to have like 20 plants or grams for personal use, and medicinal consumption is completely legal.


Europe has a lot of countries and a range of different views whether marijuana should be legal or not. It is still considered illegal for the most part, but parts of western Europe have decriminalized it over the years meaning that you probably wouldn’t get in trouble or would have to pay a small fine if you are caught carrying.

Notably, the Netherlands has probably gone furthest and made marijuana legal in specifically designated coffee shops where you can consume to your heart’s content, but outside of coffee shops, it is considered illegal. Still, you can have 5 plants or grams on you and not get in trouble.

Denmark and its capital Kopenhagen have an oasis in the middle of the old city called Kristiania where you can legally purchase and consume cannabis. It has a hippie vibe going on and it is surrounded by old buildings, nature, and high people of course and it is an obligatory visit if you ever find yourself in that part of Europe.

Spain has a similar situation as in the Netherlands. It is considered illegal though and possession is not officially tolerated but you can still consume and purchase in clubs for weed smokers. You are also allowed to cultivate your own but far from public eyes.

In the UK, Police forces in 3 counties currently have “no prosecution” policies for small quantities, but to ensure you stay 100% within the law it’s safer sticking with CBD oil. Here is a good review of UK’s best CBD oils


India’s policy regarding marijuana is that it is illegal, yet some states are pretty tolerant and there are many places in the wilderness where weed is grown unregistered. Some cities also have shops established by the government where weed can be purchased.

One other Asian state we have to mention is North Korea. You didn’t expect this, did you? North Korea is isolated and alien to any westerner, and contrary to a picture of a totalitarian state they send out to the world, North Korea has a very tolerant attitude towards marijuana.

It’s neither legal nor illegal, the state seems to not be bothered by it and you can see marijuana growing alongside country roads all the time. Smoking weed is even considered prestigious and cool among young soldiers and generally, it seems to be viewed upon as a normal part of everyday life.

Author: hempfrontiers