The bulk of CBD activity centers on its ability to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors (CB1 and CB2) are involved in modulating cognitive activities like pain, memory, appetite, and internal balance. The presence of an endocannabinoid system is not only restricted to humans as all mammals possess an active ECS, and cannabinoid receptors that can interact with CBD to provide a wide range of benefits. This discovery has led to the creation of CBD products for pets like dogs, cats, horses, and more. Although the activity of this ECS system may differ from one mammal species to the other, the mode of CBD and cannabinoid activity remains the same. Unlike cannabis, CBD differs from THC in that there are no major psychoactive properties, making it a natural and risk-free treatment as your pet will not get that “high feeling”. In this article, we shall discuss the role of CBD in treating pain and anxiety in pets.

The Role of CBD for Pain & Anxiety in Pets

The role of CBD in promoting the general wellness of pets cannot be over-emphasized. This activity is brought about by the non-psychoactive properties of CBD, which allows it to interact with the cannabinoid receptors without producing adverse side effects. This level of activity has led to an increase in the creation of CBD dog treats, CBD cat treats, CBD-infused foods, and many other CBD products around the world. Some of the benefits to overall dog health when given the correct CBD dosage are summarized below;

A. Pain relief

It is common for older dogs to be predisposed to possible causes of chronic pain like inflammation and the accumulation of free radicals. These processes may create the best enabling environments for diseases like arthritis to strive, thus reducing the activity of pets. Just like human populations, CBD can produce a vast range of activities capable of triggering pain relief in pets. CBD can trigger the release of feel-good hormones and can interact with serotonin and GABA receptors to promote relaxation. Once CBD is present in the bloodstream, it can interact with the CB2 receptors to modulate immune responses, thus preventing the establishment of inflammation-induced conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of arthritis. There are several research works that have verified these claims.

In one study published in 2018, some researchers examined the effect of CBD on arthritic dogs. In this study, the researchers administered 2mg of CBD every 12 hours for four weeks. At the end of the research, it was reported that CBD at 2mg possessed a pain elimination half-life of about 4.2 hours with no observable side effect. The use of CBD oil for your pets can improve nerve health and reduce chronic inflammation. Evidence from research has also shown that CBD can reduce arthritic pain in dogs and cats. In one of such studies, researchers were able to notice improved mobility and more than 80% reduction in pain as compared to other medications.

B. Anxiety prevention and control

Anxiety in pets can be caused by several factors. Please note that not all pet anxiety can be cured with medications, as some require that you only remove the source of anxiety. Factors that predispose pets to increased levels of anxiety include ageing, fear, association, and separation. Sometimes, it may just be a case of taking your dog out consistently for a walk.

Dogs and cats can also experience anxiety arising from an underlying disease condition such as inflammation, hearing loss, thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism encephalitis, and pre-diabetes. The use of CBD oil can come in handy in boosting their comfort level, prevent chronic inflammations, and improve the activities of the nervous system. CBD has also been identified to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, which can cause restlessness and behavioral changes in pets. In an experiment to determine the effectiveness of CBD for pet anxiety, researchers observed it could produce calming effects on anxious dogs.

There are several studies pointing to how CBD may assist pets suffering from anxiety. In one of the studies, it was discovered that administering CBD to dogs after a thunderstorm helps them to feel relaxed.

C. Prevention of skin diseases:

The disease has a way of predisposing pets to increased levels of anxiety. Due to the nature of their activity, pets can be exposed to different pathogens and toxins, which affects their skin. The use of CBD in promoting wound healing from cuts, bites, hot spots, and stings have been reported by users and scientists alike. It also plays significant roles in sin controlling dry skin and hair in pets, the expression of allergies, and other skin conditions.

D. Neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals

Accumulation of free radicals in pets can disrupt internal balance; hence, keeping your dog anxious for a long time. CBD possesses an excellent antioxidant profile that serves to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and promote internal balance.

E. Healthy coat formation

There is a growing body of research on how CBD can enhance the formation of sleek and glossy coats for pets while assisting them in getting rid of peculiar odors. The topical application of CBD oil leaves your pets smelling sweet, and looking beautiful.

Is CBD safe for pets?

There is quite a good level of evidence pointing towards the use and acceptance of CBD for pet anxiety and pain control. This is because CBD does not tamper with brain activity or trigger the production of psychoactive effects common with THC. As a sign of caution, all CBD products for pets should contain little to no THC concentration (usually less than 0.3% of the entire cannabinoid concentration). It is also highly recommended that pet owners should take special note of CBD products before administering them to their pets – only CBD products formulated for a pet should be used, such as this bacon flavoured CBD oil for dogs from Honest Botanicals. This will go a long way in reducing the possible side effects of using the wrong CBD products.


Author: hempfrontiers